100 Doors 2013 Level 46 47 48 49 50 walkthrough

By | 30/03/2013

100 Doors 2013 Level 46 47 48 49 50 walkthrough for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Publisher of 100 Doors 2013 is Gipnetix Games. This guide for 100 Doors 2013 Level 46 47 48 49 50 contains help, solutions and tips for completing the game puzzles and floors. This guide contains spoilers and answers to complete each floor and open every door. Check explanations below!


100 Doors 2013 Level 46

1. Press the green ball.
2. Put it into the grey square (without the X). Press the green button. Press the green ball again and put it back into the grey square. Flip your phone/device upside down then back rightside up.

100 Doors 2013 Level 47

1. This level requires you to balance the scale with the items.
First, find the two hidden objects.
One is in the light above the door.
Drag it down (for iOS, shake your phone).
The second item (sled) can by found by tilting your phone/device to the left.
2. Now put the items one by one onto a scale to see how much it weighs, then balance it.
Put the following items on the left scale: Sled/3kg weight/blue weight
Put everything else on the right scale.

100 Doors 2013 Level 48

Change the images on the right column to what I have shown in the next screenshot.

100 Doors 2013 Level 49

Follow the colors and direction shown on the ground.
First press all the buttons and turn them off so you know which one is which.
Now press them in the order shown in the screenshot.
There are many ways to beat this level.

100 Doors 2013 Level 50

Find the matching patterns to get rid of the square.
There are only two spots that will match for each pattern.
Each opposite corner will always match. (example: top right corner, bottom left corner)
Press the cards with the matching colors as shown in the screenshot above.

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