100 Doors of Revenge Level 41 – 43 walkthrough

By | 05/03/2013

How to beat 100 Doors 2013 walkthrough Level 41 42 43 for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The 100 Doors of Revenge app was created by Gipnetix games. This guide for 100 Doors of Revenge contains help, solutions and tips for completing the game puzzles and floors. This guide contains spoilers and answers to complete each floor and open every door. Check explanations below!

100 Doors of Revenge Level 41 - 43

100 Doors of Revenge Level 41

You will find 2 hints on this level: The upside-down furniture and the small-to-big signs.
So turn you phone upside down and notice which numbers are correct:
9, 6, 23, 35, 5, and 7
Use the keypad and exit with the above numbers, but from small to big:
5 6 7 9 23 35

100 Doors of Revenge Level 42 Solution

The arrow on the left is your hint to work from top to bottom
Look at the angles shown on the right-hand-side, and use them from top to bottom to open this door.
Top: 90 Degrees
Middle: 45 Degrees, another 45 Degrees and Bottom: 60 Degrees
Use the keypad with 90 45 45 60

100 Doors of Revenge Level 43 walkthrough

Turn the volume of your device to max and the door will open.

That’s all walkthrough for 100 Doors of Revenge Level 41 42 43, we will update next level in next post, so bookmark this web to get latest solution.

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