100 Doors of Revenge walkthrough Level 17 18 19 20

By | 04/03/2013

How to beat 100 Doors 2013 walkthrough Level 17 18 19 20 for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The 100 Doors of Revenge app was created by Gipnetix games. This guide for 100 Doors of Revenge contains help, solutions and tips for completing the game puzzles and floors. This guide contains spoilers and answers to complete each floor and open every door. Check explanations below

100 Doors of Revenge 17181920

100 Doors of Revenge Level 17

Get 3 spray paint colors. It will pick up blue, red, and green.
Spray the word SWAG:
S = Blue
W = red
A = green
G = Blue

100 Doors of Revenge Level 18

Use your finger and get the ball from top left to the bottom right button.
First get it to the top right corner. Right, Down, Left, Up, Right. Up, left. Now down, right.

100 Doors of Revenge Level 19

Shake your Phone so that the chair falls over, pick up the track pieces that fell from the chair.
Use the track pieces to complete the track, tap the train so it goes to the left.
Use the keypad and exit with the code 342

100 Doors of Revenge Level 20

Pick up the fly swatter, then use it to kill the fly when it is on top of the cake
Then wait until it lands on the purple plate on the floor and swat it.
Use 1013 on the keypad on the oven to open the door.

That’s all walkthrough for 100 Doors of Revenge Level 17 18 19 20, we will update next level in next post, so bookmark this web to get latest solution.

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