100 Zombies Level 37 Walkthrough Solution

By | 19/04/2013

100 Zombies Level 37 Walkthrough Solution. for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. This guide for 100 Zombies Level 37 contains help, solutions and tips for completing the game puzzles and floors. This guide contains spoilers and answers to complete each floor and open every door. Check explanations below!

Zombies Level 37

100 Zombies Level 37

Look at the numbers on the bottom and split them up to get the following numbers: 225, 45, 180, 315
Change the knobs to go in the direction based on the numbers (degrees).
Top left knob = 225 degrees = SouthWest (5 clicks)
Top right knob = 180 degrees = South (4 clicks)
Bottom left knob = 45 degrees = NorthEast (1 click)
Bottom right knob = 315 degrees = NorthWest (7 clicks)
Door will open

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