Can You Escape Level 10 Walkthrough Solutions

By | 18/06/2013

Can You Escape Level 10 Walkthrough Solutions for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. This guide for Can You Escape Level 10 contains help, solutions and tips for completing the game puzzles and floors. This guide contains spoilers and answers to complete each floor and open every door. Check explanations below!


Can You Escape Level 10 Solutions

can you escape level 10(1) can you escape level 10(2)

can you escape level 10(3) can you escape level 10(4)

can you escape level 10(5) can you escape level 10(6)

can you escape level 10(7) can you escape level 10(8)

can you escape level 10(9) can you escape level 10(10)

can you escape level 10(11)

go to the vent at the top of the stepladder and pull the paper out and take the key.
grab the drill bit in the tea cup on the table.
grab the pencil next to the red potted
open the box and take the drill
Look the colors and remember the colors : Blue, blue, yellow, yellow and green, green
change the colors : blue blue yellow yellow green green
place the yellow ring in the slot next to the door
Take the piece of paper on the rack
Use the key to open the box and grab the binoculars.
Use the binoculars and remember the numbers: 12-8-5
enter the numbers: 12 left, 8 middle, and 5 right.

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